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news 2052020
European Chess Academy organises a complete Lectures program “Improve Your Chess” with leading Chess Trainers worldwide. You can follow from min 2 lectures, to 5 or 10 lecturers (10% discount) selecting your preferred lectures/dates. The lecturers are open but recommended for players over 1500 rating. Below all the program and the registration form. You can pay through PayPal with your credit card or though ECU Bank account.  
For more information and registration please visit the following link:



WHERE:                                Online – every student will receive a more detailed information      when registered.           

WHEN:                                  June 29th  2020 – August 21st 2020


SCHEDULE:                          Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

WHO?                                    Open for all ages and levels

                                               Two or more groups will be formed:

  • GROUP 1 – 10 years or younger
  • GROUP 2 – older than 10 years

* the group will be formed with at least 10 participants

                                                                        ** the participants can be moved to a different group if needed

maribor camp2019 photo16The atmosphere in Maribor, Slovenia is especially festive this year, as the chess players are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the first chess club in the city (Mariborski SK). The European chess academy has also been sharing the festive spirit with its traditional Festival. This year the team of European chess academy, led by GMs Georg Mohr and Adrian Mikhalchisin with the tremendous help from Evgeny Ushakov, has stretched the festival for 9 days. 

Between June 20th and June 28th the city of Maribor almost traditionally transformed into the main venue of the various chess events under the slogan “Smart game for smart city” that brought together many chess lovers from Slovenia and abroad and at the same time the city hosted some chess stars as well. 

This year’s date of events coincided with the city’s traditional Lent festival – for the first time chess players became a part of the official Festival’s program, which every year attracts thousands of people. 

Contact information:
Evropska šahovska akademija Maribor
Ulica Antona Murka 3
2311 Hoče
00386 (40) 748 916