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20181205 nona0Nona Gaprindashvili is a living chess legend. The Grandmaster comes from Georgia, the country which produced numerous women masters and champions with Nona herself being the pioneer of the so called Georgian women chess school. She was born during the Second World War - May 3rd 1941 and is today already 77 years old. Nevertheless she is still as vital and full of energy, as she was throughout her whole career. And what a career it was! She is a five times Women World Champion, she was undefeated from 1962, when she dethroned Bykova Elisaveta, up until 1978, when her fellow Georgian, then 17 years old Maia Chiburdanidze forced her to proudly pass on her role of a leading champion. Nona is a proud winner of 11 gold Olympic medals, if we count only the team championships. She was the first women awarded by the title of a chess Grandmaster for her remarkable successes, which she achieved in the middle of the seventies. Today she still loves to play chess – mostly in exhibitions and senior championships. Few days ago she became a World senior women champion – for the fifth time, the same amount of titles she also holds in European championships. Her achievements go on for days. We were honored to talk to the legendary champion during the celebratory dinner, organized in her honor in famous Slovenian businessman Janez Skrabec’s villa, where Nona celebrated her new title.


Karen Movsziszian from Armenia won the "50+" World Senior Championship with 8.5/11. Georgian GMs Giorgi Bagaturov and Zurab Sturua took the silver and bronze medals with 8/11.
Vlastimil Jansa from Czech Republic and Yuri Balashov from Russia shared the 1st place in the "65+" championship with 9.5/11. Vlastimil Jansa took the gold thanks to his superior tie-break. Nukhim Rashkovsky from Russia won the bronze medal with 8.5 points.

Elvira Berend from Luxembourg won the "50+" Women's World Senior Championship with 8.5/11. Russian players Tatiana Grabuzova and Galina Strutinskaia finished on the second and the third places with 8/11. 

Former Women's World Champion Nona Gaprindashvili from Georgia became the winner of the "65+ World Senior Championship among women with 8.5/11. Valentina Kozlovskaya from Russia finished half a point behind. Ludmila Tsifanskaya from Israel was third with 7, 5/11.

presentationThe 28th World Senior Chess Championship, which is being held from November 17th until November 29th 2018, is currently in full swing. The championship is divided into 4 categories: Open 50+, Open 65+, Women 50+ and Women 65+. 330 participants come from 57 different countries and all continents. Among these players are 20 Grandmasters and 10 women Grandmasters.

The tournament in category Open 50+ is extremely tied. After 9 rounds GM Karen Movsziszian from Armenia and GM Bagaturov Giorgi from Georgia are in the lead. Both of them managed to score 7 and half points. 3rd place is currently being claimed by Russian IM Kalegin Evgenij with 7 points. If there will be no big surprises, someone among those three players will become the winner.

We have a very similar situation in the category Open 65+. We have two leaders: GM Jansa Vlastimil from Czech Republic and GM Baslashov Yuri from Russia. Both of them scored amazing 8 points. With 7 points another Russian GM Rashkovski is following them.

Among Women things are not that complicated. In category Women 50+ WGM Elvira Berend is in the clear lead with 7 and half points. She scored 1 point more than the second and third positioned players WGM Gabuzova Tatiana and WGM Stutinskaia Gallina - both from Russia.

In the oldest category among women – Women 65+ we have a new leader. The legendary Nona Gaprindashvili from Georgia finally took over the lead from now second WGM Kozlovskaya Valentina from Russia. 3rd is WIM Tsifanskaya Ludmila from Israel.