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chess base eca wscc2018We are proud to announce that we have signed a cooperation agreement with a renowned chess company Chess Base from Hamburg.

We have agreed to cooperate in many areas.

We will do our best to raise our game to an even higher level. Moreover, the participation of the German company has enhanced credibility and recognisability of our activities.




20180318 results eca playersMembers of European chess academy were very active lately: 

Teja Vidic won her second norm for WIM

Current Slovenian woman champion Teja Vidic showed a great performance in international open tournament in Graz. Her final result was enough for her to win her second WIM norm and 16 new rating points. Teja faced many great opponents during the tournament – GM Nevednici, GM Hjartarson, GM Socko Monika. With the last one she managed to make a draw. More detailed results of Teja’s performance can be seen in the following website:

20180223 teja vidicThis time European chess academy presents the current Slovenian champion among women and women national team member – Teja Vidic. Almost 20-year old Teja was born in Ljubljana. Currently she is holding the title of woman FIDE master. Chess was introduced to her in the second grade of elementary school when she started to attend chess classes with her friends. Teja says that she almost gave up on chess, due to the initial losses, but she pulled through the hard times and started to love the royal game.

In national youth championships Teja regularly finished among top three and last year she earned herself the title of Slovenian champion among women. In 2017 she also won her first norm for women international master.

Teja is also great at keeping balance between her formal education and chess activities. She finished high school with top scores and is now attending classes at the Faculty of Medicine. Even though the studies demand a lot of effort, she hopes that there will be enough time left for her to study and play chess also. Her biggest goal is to become a women grandmaster.

We at European chess academy wish Teja success in the future. We will help her to achieve her desired goals.