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In Europe we have a quite well-developed system of education of trainers. Some countries like Russia or Bulgaria have their own chess universities, some others like Ukraine or Slovenia have established chess classes in faculties of sports. Many countries, with Germany being the best example, have good trainer systems, which are managed by national federations. In other countries they found some other ways to employ the trainers who are responsible for the upbringing and training of their young chess players.  

Despite all that we still have areas in Europe, black holes, where a systematic approach to chess training is lacking. This is why European Chess Union (ECU) and our European Chess Academy (ECA), which is operating under the guidance of ECU, have developed a project that will help to improve trainers’ levels all over Europe.   

Yes, it is true, that FIDE already has a well-established system of education of chess trainers, but we believe that our approach is a bit different. It is not a secret that the world’s best trainers are concentrated in Europe, even if we consider USA, we can see that all the best trainers emigrated from our continent. 

That is why our project will focus on educating trainers in our – European area, which without a doubt has its own specifics.  We would like to use expertise of European best trainers and try to share their vast experiences and knowledge with others.  

What will our project consist of? At first, we will organize a kind of preparatory seminars where we will try to explain the role of a trainer in our – European area. Our mission is to explain to our trainers how to teach, how to organize their work properly. We are in a position to see what some of our best trainers are doing and how they teach. ECU can ensure all necessary training methods and materials. We will upgrade our preparatory seminars later on and organise short professional meetings, where we will explain how to teach our young players according to their different strength levels.  

That is why we invite you to join us. Only united we will be strong, the strongest. Together we can return Europe back to where it once was among other chess continents – on top.  Follow us, be a part of our mission!